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--> The 9 most toxic food ingredients            
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 --> The 10 most toxic personal use products
--> The 8 most toxic cleaning products         
--> The 10 most toxic relationships                 

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5 Important Areas of Detoxification That Will Change Your Life


9 Toxic Food Ingredients You Need to Replace

An education in everything from food labels, to cooking for maximized flavor and health benefits.


7 Toxic Cosmetic Products You Need to Replace

What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body.


10 Toxic Personal Care Products You Need to Replace

Everything from your deodorant to your sunscreen has an impact on your health. Are you making the right choices?


8 Toxic Cleaning Products You Need to Replace

A complete guide to cleaning up your cleaning products, by keeping it simple.


10 Toxic Relationships You Need to Replace

It's easy to ignore how much those around you can impact your overall health and happiness. Are you even currently aware of the overall effects of your closest relationships?

About the authors

After many years as a self-proclaimed nutrition and alternative wellness nerd, Emily Mukai decided to dive headfirst into a more formal route of healing education. She’s currently a student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College and is also in the midst of completing her Nutritional Therapy certificate through the Nutritional Therapy Association. Additionally, she’s a Level 1 certified MovNat trainer and has begun to explore the importance of natural movement to overall health.

Jordan Kravitz is the CEO and founder of Healevate. Through the experiences of his own personal health journey, he realized that he had so much to share with others who might be spinning their wheels. And so began his crusade to champion the cause of discouraged, directionally-challenged symptom-sufferers everywhere. 

What others are saying

It took me under an hour to breeze through this guide. Implementing a few of the suggestions in it have been so much easier than anything else I've tried, and the results have been everything I've been seeking for nearly a decade. Finally I understand why certain foods give me problems, even though I'd heard from others that they're good for me. I feel like a new person already and am looking forward to continued improvement. Thanks so much!

Jennifer F. - Sherman Oaks, CA

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007, Longtime Sufferer of IBS/D

My wife, my son and I all have multiple chemical sensitivities. I had no idea until reading this guide just how much our health was being negatively affected by our choices in around-the-house products. The littlest things can have the hugest impact. Mind blown at the changes we've seen in a matter of days simply by swapping our toxic products for simple, cheap and easy solutions. Also, the gut-healing tips offered in here are priceless. Can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work!

Jonathan C. - Toronto, ON

Obsessive Home-Cleaner, Longtime Allergy-Sufferer

I've tried every product and pill on the market, achieving only mild success that never lasts. I gave this free guide a shot and was blown away by all the mistakes I was making in my day to day routine. Everything from my cosmetics to my food choices were hurting my health. I decided to make a few changes, and honestly wasn't even that committed to them at first. When I noticed improvements after only a few days, I got more serious. Here I am less than a month later and my skin hasn't looked this good in five years. I'm giddy with excitement about how my skin will look in another few weeks. You've changed my life and somehow it didn't even cost me a penny. Don't even know what more to say.

Lindsay P. - Saginaw, MI

Sufferer of Adult Acne since 2012